Welcome to Bodygenex!

Bodygenex is the combination of workouts vs. endurance.  The body is made of muscle structures that are generally impressed in human genes.  These gene's are automatically chosen for muscle development at birth.  But, through Bodygenex , we target muscles groups other than these. With all groups targeted ,this will increase productive cells in high protein areas, that will allow those muscles groups that were not selected at birth, to grow, expand, and strengthen.  Bodygenex is more than just a workout its a proven experiment with the human body. 

 Newtons second and third law( f =ma) stated a body is directly proportional to or in the same direction inversely proportional to it's mass  the object will move. A body or object exerts force on a second object or body simultaneously exerting the same force or equal ,with a greater magnitude the object will move. A body or object with the same motion in  the same direction causes the same result. Following that, We have developed a program in theory, that if the body is naturally forced to perform to its highest ability the body will improve in mass, structure and endurance (m=m+e). In general, anything tested will produce it's highest quality. Bodygenex has that quality and is waiting for you. Here at bodygenex...Passion changes everything.