About BodyGenex


....Without cutting one single calorie. That's 3inches off your waist , hips, and butt...That's completely amazing. Ladies we've taken you and your needs into consideration we have designed a program you will absolutely love...Start today!!! and let bodygenex work for you.

Our focus is on you! ...We will bring you to your peak, We are your edmund - Tenzing to your Mt. Everest, we are your guide to complete fitness. Bodygenex will lay the groundwork and the foundation to develop not only, the  strengths of your body to it's maximize potential, but bring it to it's highest level. We do this by promoting muscles training, Healthy diets and obtainable goals throughout your workout that we help you to achieve. Most importantly, We develop a training that works best for you!       


We have  refined our endurance  program. We have taken it to new heights and have taken the necessary steps.We have perfected our training course and improve upon its structure. Bodygenex is now ready to provide you with the ultimate workout that you have never experienced before The workout you deserve... It 's time for you to step into the future and allow bodygenex to take you there!     


 We focus on individual achievement.We target your motivation and push your endurance , gain your confidence, Allow yourself to be great! concentrate on your success, we will expand your limits, test your body in only the ways necessary for guaranteed results. After bodygenex there is no other.

Passion does change everything.

Endurance Training  

We have  developed a program with proven techniques for muscle endurance. We have divided them into two basic groups physical and technical . Physical endurance involves the body resisting through normal physical conditions or elements. Technical endurance involves the body being trained for a specific use such as a sport or skill set. As to, an athlete, these techniques used consistently will give way to a stronger, more defined body. 


Circuit Training


In this program you will found the core of our system, our backbone of our development the means of existence. Body conditioning is essential, resistance training is a must. Our circuit training is one of kind. We use the high-intensity inteval training  (HIIT) system, High intensity with short interval workouts, rapid movements that produce power, speed, and strength. Circuit Training has evolved and now is available for combine workouts for the inspiring athlete with the determination to make it  BIG.(40yrd, bench press,vertical jump, board jump, 3cone drills and your infamous...shuttle run) these and more to ready yourself for the ultimate test.




To enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle. Researchers find that women involved in a (HIIT) workout program with bodygenex helps "women to achieve higher goals other than just diet focus, but in life in general" - women fitness